We really like the Bazooka 10-Inch and think that it is the best bass tube for those who want great performance without taking up too much room in the trunk. It pushes 200 watts of power @ 4 ohms and is super efficient, basically performing. Also, it has a premium feel with an easy installation process.

#1.Bazooka 10-Inch 4-Ohm Bass Tube

When it comes to the best bass tube, we think the Bazooka 10-inch Bass Tube is the way to go. In terms of specs, you have 200 Watts of max power with a four ohm impedance.This is one of Bazooka’s biggest bass tubes and it sure does give you a ton of bass without giving up too much trunk space.

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#2.Rockville 12″ 600w Powered Bass Tube

For those who want the best bass tube, the Rockville 12 inch 600W Bass Tube is certainly a beast. This is a 12 inch 600 watt peak and 300 watt RMS bass speaker. We think the standout feature is that this is a powered bass tube. This means it has a built in amp and everything you need is in the tube itself. It also saves you the trouble of having a separate amp.

Next, we just want to say that this thing is powerful. It delivers a strong and deep bass that rivals some of the more expensive 12 inch subs out there at a fraction of the cost.Lastly, another one of its selling points is that it installation is a total breeze. You don’t need to build enclosures or mess with wiring. Just power, ground remote and send signal to the bass tube.

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#3.Kenwood 12-Inch Bass Tube

The Kenwood 12 inch Bass Tube is the best bass tube if you are also looking for one that comes with an amplifier. It delivers 200 Watts of power at a 4 ohm impedance and the amp has a max power of 500 watts.We think what separates the Kenwood 12 inch from the competition is really the build quality. It is made of high quality materials and even has a weather resistant cone that throws out great sounds.

So you end up getting a bold clean bass that realy puts an umpf on the low end. Also included are a low-pass filter, speaker level input and signal-sensing turn-on.Overall, these 12s hit very hard and this combo of bass tube and amp really makes it quite the economical deal.

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#4.Pyle 8-Inch Bass Subwoofer Tube

We think the Pyle 8 inch bass subwoofer tube is great if you want some a maintenance 8 inch tube that doesn’t take up too much space. Also, it has 250 watts of max power.If you are on a budget, this bass tube should be perfect for you. It is nice and cheap and gets the job done for the most part. You just have to keep your expectations down a bit.

Overall, we would say that these 8 inch tubes are great for listening to any music besides rap, hip hop, drum and bass, and dubstep. With those bass heavy genres, you should definitely look into 10s or 12s.Finally, we just want to say that there are blue LED lights behind the grill, which can turn out to look nice and cool.

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#5.Bazooka Marine 10-Inch 250 W Bass Tube

Finally, we have the Bazooka Marine 10 Inch Bass Tube, which is basically an upgrade of the original Bazooka 10s we recommended. These are made and built rock solid and are pretty much waterproof. We would say that the sound is better than the basic Bazooka 10s and it has an even richer low end with a nice balance of tones.

In term of durability, this is where the Bazooka Marine shines. They are salt, fog, and UV certified with velcro mounting straps and are highly water resistant. Also, these speakers are not limited to being placed on a boat. They can go on your car or anywhere outside where their water resistance and durability can shine.

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