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if you smoke while driving, a car ashtray is essential to your safety and to prevent any littering on the roads. Fortunately, there’s a range of products made from heat-resistant materials that easily slip into a cup holder or on your dashboard. Appearance isn’t essential to the ashtray’s practicality, but it’s always a good idea to have a product that enhances your vehicle’s interior. We’ve selected high-quality products that are easy to attach and will keep odors at a minimum.

Custom Accessories 93365D Black Smokeless Ashtray


Interior Accessory: Eliminate Interior Smells And Smoke Damage From Your Vehicle With A Universal Ash Tray For Your Vehicle; It Not Only Keeps Your Car Clean, But Also Adds To The Look Of Your Car.
Satisfaction Guaranteed: Custom Accessories Offer A Variety Of Products For Vehicle Interior, Exterior And Garage Needs. This Includes Car Care, Steering Wheel Covers, Compasses, Tire Gauges, Air Compressors, And Much More..
Innovative Car Accessories: We Provide You With Plenty Of Car Auto Accessories To Customize Your Vehicle; Check Out Our Floor Mats, Deer Alerts, Phone Cup Holders, Chargers, Bluetooth Speakers And More.
Fits Cup-Holders: Our Ashtray Is Designed To Fit Any Cup Holder; It Is Heavy Duty And Easily Fits Most Cars, Trucks, Vans And Other Vehicles With Cup Holders, Without The Fear Of Toppling Over.


  • Automotive Ashtray: Add this sleek black smokeless ashtray to your car; It is for replacing any cigarette butt receptacle and eliminates smells, smoke and damage from your car’s interior
  • Fits Cup-Holders: Our ashtray is designed to fit any cup holder; It is heavy duty and easily fits most cars, trucks, vans and other vehicles with cup holders, without the fear of toppling over
  • Interior Accessory: Eliminate interior smells and smoke damage from your vehicle with a universal ash tray for your vehicle; It not only keeps your car clean, but also adds to the look of your car
  • Innovative Car Accessories: We provide you with plenty of car auto accessories to customize your vehicle; Check out our floor mats, deer alerts, phone cup holders, chargers, Bluetooth speakers and more
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: Custom Accessories offer a variety of products for vehicle interior, exterior and garage needs. This includes car care, steering wheel covers, compasses, tire gauges, air compressors, and much more.

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Brand: Custom Accessories   |   Manufacturer: Custom Accessories

Dimensions: 4.62 x 10.50 x 10.75 Inches


THIKPO Car Ashtray, Portable Ashtray for Car, Mini Car Trash Can, Detachable Stainless Steel Smokeless Ash Tray with Lid, LED Blue Light, Windproof for Outdoor Travel, Home Use (Misted Gray)


Large Capacity – The 4.33 X 2.75 Inch Demension Could Offer A Larger Space To Hold More Trash For You, Not Only Ash, But Also Some Little Garbage Such As Scraps, Peel, Sugar Paper..
Wide Applications – It’s Portable And Lightweight, Perfect To Use In Home, Office, Restaurant, Hotel, And Bar. Secondhand Smoke Is Bad For Human Being’s Health, We Should Avoid It..
Smokeless Lid – The Special Designed Rubber Ring Inside Of The Lid Could Block Smell Spreading In Your Car, To Keep Air Fresh And Protect Your Health..
Easy To Clean – The Detachable Structure Of Ashtray Could Be Easily Separated Into 3 Parts, So That You Could Clean It Thoroughly Every Time After Using It..


  • DURABLE MATERIAL – This THIKPO ash tray is made of premium stainless steel and fire resistance material, so that no burning marks.
  • EASY TO CLEAN – The detachable structure of ashtray could be easily separated into 3 parts, so that you could clean it thoroughly every time after using it.
  • LARGE CAPACITY – The 4.33 x 2.75 inch demension could offer a larger space to hold more trash for you, not only ash, but also some little garbage such as scraps, peel, sugar paper.
  • SMOKELESS LID – The special designed rubber ring inside of the lid could block smell spreading in your car, to keep air fresh and protect your health.
  • WIDE APPLICATIONS – It’s portable and lightweight, perfect to use in home, office, restaurant, hotel, and bar. Secondhand smoke is bad for human being’s health, we should avoid it.

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Brand: THIKPO   |   Manufacturer: THIKPO

Dimensions: 4.33 x 2.75 x 2.75 Inches   |   Weight: 7.20 Pounds

eing Car Ashtray Portable Bling Cigarette Smokeless Cylinder Cup Holder with Blue LED Light Indicator,Car Accessories for Women,Ideal for Car,Home and Office,Black


[Exquiste Craftsmanship] – This Cigarette Ashtray Is Odorless And Smokeless, Made From Non-Flammable Fireproof Materials. Premium Classic Style. Sturdy And Durable..
[An Excelent Car Accesssory] – A Cute And Sweet Smokeless Tobacco Tray Gift For Your Friends Who Smoke,Especially For Ladies,Girls And Women. If You Have Any Question With The Item, Feel Free To Contact Us. We Will Reply Within 24 Hours. Buy With Confidence ..
[Cool Blue Led Light, Clear Visual] – The Blue Led Indicator Lights Up Automatically When You Open The Lid, Giving Easy Visual Access To The Interior In Dark Environments. Extinguishing Port And Cigarette Holder Slot Are Provided ..
[Multipurpose] – Detachable, Simple Cleaning, Good Sealing Performance. The Ashtray Occupies Little Space. It Can Be A Decorative Art Piece On Your Desk Or Work As A Mini Trash Collector. Perfect To Use Both Indoors & Outdoors In Homes, Offices, Restaurants, Hotels, Gardens, Parks,Etc..


  • [LUXURY CAR ASHTRAY] – Decorated with high-quality sparkling rhinestones on top, fashionable and stylish car ashtray with lid, easy to carry and fits most auto vehicle car cup holders. For more options, you may visit our store to find other bling crystal auto accessories that match this ashtray,so as to improve visual unity for car s interior .
  • [MULTIPURPOSE] – Detachable, simple cleaning, good sealing performance. The ashtray occupies little space. It can be a decorative art piece on your desk or work as a mini trash collector. Perfect to use both indoors & outdoors in homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, gardens, parks,etc.
  • [EXQUISTE CRAFTSMANSHIP] – This cigarette ashtray is odorless and smokeless, made from non-flammable fireproof materials. Premium classic style. Sturdy and durable.
  • [COOL BLUE LED LIGHT, CLEAR VISUAL] – The blue LED indicator lights up automatically when you open the lid, giving easy visual access to the interior in dark environments. Extinguishing port and cigarette holder slot are provided .
  • [AN EXCELENT CAR ACCESSSORY] – A cute and sweet smokeless tobacco tray gift for your friends who smoke,especially for ladies,girls and women. If you have any question with the item, feel free to contact us. We will reply within 24 hours. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE .

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Brand: eing   |   Manufacturer: EING

Dimensions: 4.00 x 3.00 x 3.00 Inches   |   Weight: 0.33 Pounds


TAKAVU RR-2-3-1 Car Ashtray, Easy Clean Up Detachable Stainless Car Ashtray with Lid Blue Led Light and Removable Lighter for Most Car Cup Holder (Silver)


Detachable : It’s Is Portable Car Ashtray Removable Design Liner Easy To Clean, Good Sealing Performance And The Smoke Not Easy To Spread.Consist Of Two Part Of Cigarette Ashtray, Press The Back Button, Take Off It And Clean The Liner Easily With Mental Liner Material. It Is An Excellent Protection For Ashtray Bottom..
Premium Quality : Takavu Ashtray For Car Is Constructed Out Of Premium Quality Material To Provide You With A Sturdy And Durable Tray, Used For Cigarette And Fits Most Car Cup Holder. Fashion And Classic, Premium Luxury Design For Car Ashtray, Made Of High Density Fireproof Material, Is Non-Flammable..
Brilliant Classy And Luxurious Design : It Gives The Car A Whole Level Of Uniqueness And It Makes Even More Fashionable With Its Cylinder Shape. The Led Light Gives You Easy Visual Access To The Tray In A Dark Car/Room And Will Light Up When The Lid Is Opened. This Car Ashtray Looks Classy And Luxurious, Eye-Catching For Everyone Who Is A Fan Of The Extravagance..
Clear Visual With Cool Blue Light Design :Cool Blue Light Will Be Lighten When You Open And Lift The Lid,The Ashtray Cool Blue Led’s Light Up.Also The Cover Can Closes Securely Thereby Keeping The Smell From Spreading Or Lingering. No Need For The Lighter, Cover With Removable Cigarette Lighter, Gently Turn It Out And Lit Cigarette In Your Car Conveniently..


  • BEST CAR ASHTRAY : that is car ashtray with lid easy to carry and fit most auto vehicle car cup holder. Sweet gift for you and your friends who smoke and drive car.
  • CLEAR VISUAL WITH COOL BLUE LIGHT DESIGN Cool blue light will be lighten when you open and lift the lid,the ashtray cool blue LED’s light up.Also the cover can closes securely thereby keeping the smell from spreading or lingering. No need for the lighter, cover with removable cigarette lighter, gently turn it out and lit cigarette in your car conveniently.
  • DETACHABLE : It’s is portable car ashtray removable design liner easy to clean, good sealing performance and the smoke not easy to spread.Consist of two part of cigarette ashtray, press the back button, take off it and clean the liner easily with mental liner material. It is an excellent protection for ashtray bottom.
  • BRILLIANT CLASSY AND LUXURIOUS DESIGN : It gives the car a whole level of uniqueness and it makes even more fashionable with its cylinder shape. The LED light gives you easy visual access to the tray in a dark car/room and will light up when the lid is opened. This car ashtray looks classy and luxurious, eye-catching for everyone who is a fan of the extravagance.
  • Premium Quality : TAKAVU Ashtray for car is constructed out of premium quality material to provide you with a sturdy and durable tray, used for cigarette and fits most car cup holder. Fashion and classic, premium luxury design for car ashtray, made of high density fireproof material, is non-flammable.

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Brand: TAKAVU   |   Manufacturer: TAKAVU

Dimensions: 3.15 x 5.12 x 3.15 Inches   |   Weight: 0.57 Pounds

SOLARXIA Car Ashtray, Auto Ashtray Cigar Electronic Cigarette Lighter Detachable Solar Powered / USB Rechargeable with Lid Blue LED Light for Most Car Cup Holder Home Office (Black)


Detachable & Easy Clean Up Design – This Cigarette Cup Is Divided Into Two Parts: The Head And Cup Body. You Can Take Off The Cup By Twisting It. It Has A Good Sealing Performance, When The Cover Closes Securely Thereby Keeping The Smell From Spreading Or Lingering. The Surface Of The Ashtray Made Of Stainless Steel, The Liner Made Of Ceramic Material, Which Is Very Easy To Clean Up The Trash Inside The Ashtray..
What You Get – 1 Car Cup With Lid And 1 Usb Cable, With Our Lifetime Warranty For Quality-Related Issues And Friendly Customer Service. (Note: The Lighter Takes Up To 2 Hours To Fully Charge With The Usb Port. You Can Use It At Least 30 Times. Pressing The Lighter Switch Will Light Up The Blue Light; It Will Automatically Turn Off After 7 Seconds. Extremely High Temperature When Using, Please Keep Far Away From The Children.).
Multiple Use – The Cigarette Cup Holder Surface Makes Of Black Painted Finish, It Is Very Stylish, Luxurious And Wearable. It Not Only Can Put Cigarette Ash, You Can Also Put Some Fruit Peel, Paper Scrap And Other Garbage If You Want. It Is An Ideal For Bedroom, Office, Home, And Most Car Cup Holder. It’s A Great Gift For Father, Valentine’S Gift For Him And Easter Basket Stuffers..
Blue Light & Ingenuity Design – When You Open And Lift The Lid, The Cup Holder Ashtray Cool Blue Led’s Light Up Automotive. The Led Illumination Increases Night Vision And Make Sure That You Can See The Tray, Keep The Ash In Your Car Ashtray, Prevent Ash Flying. The Inside Of The Ashtray Consists Of Cigarette Holder And No Smoke Station, Which Made Of Stainless Steel, No Rust And Easy To Clean..

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  • Cigarette Lighter Design – The ash tray automotive built in removable lighter on the top of lid, you can easily lit cigarette by pressing the lighter switch. This Lighter designed with Solar Panel and USB Charging, when the lighter is out of battery, you can get charged by absorbing sunlight on car window or charged by USB cable.
  • Blue Light & Ingenuity Design – when you open and lift the lid, the cup holder ashtray cool blue LED’s light up automotive. The led illumination increases night vision and make sure that you can see the tray, keep the ash in your car ashtray, prevent ash flying. The inside of the ashtray consists of cigarette holder and no smoke station, which made of stainless steel, no rust and easy to clean.
  • Detachable & Easy Clean Up Design – This cigarette cup is divided into two parts: the head and cup body. You can take off the cup by twisting it. It has a good sealing performance, when the cover closes securely thereby keeping the smell from spreading or lingering. The surface of the ashtray made of stainless steel, the liner made of ceramic material, which is very easy to clean up the trash inside the ashtray.
  • Multiple use The cigarette cup holder surface makes of black painted finish, it is very stylish, luxurious and wearable. It not only can put cigarette ash, you can also put some fruit peel, paper scrap and other garbage if you want. It is an ideal for bedroom, office, home, and most car cup holder. It’s a great gift for father, Valentine s gift for him and Easter Basket Stuffers.
  • What You Get 1 car cup with lid and 1 usb cable, with our lifetime warranty for quality-related issues and friendly customer service. (Note: the lighter takes up to 2 hours to fully charge with the usb port. You can use it at least 30 times. Pressing the lighter switch will light up the blue light; it will automatically turn off after 7 seconds. Extremely high temperature when using, please keep far away from the children.)

Brand: SOLARXIA   |   Manufacturer: SOLARXIA

Dimensions: 2.88 x 4.33 x 3.15 Inches

Benefits of Car Ashtrays

  • Convenient. When you’re on your way to work or running errands, you don’t always want to wait until you stop to have a cigarette. The best portable car ashtray allows you to smoke when and where you want.
  • Affordable. Car cup holder ashtrays are not very expensive. You may pay slightly more for higher-quality products, but in general they cost less than $20, which is well worth the investment if you’re a frequent smoker.
  • Great accessory. Older cars come with built-in ashtrays, but most modern vehicles don’t have them as a standard option. If you want to smoke in your car, you need to buy an aftermarket device to accommodate your needs.
  • Added freedom. These days, smoking is prohibited in many places. Many public places have smoking bans, but you can take as many puffs as you want in the confines of your car.

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