The Top 20 Best Vibrators – Top Reviewed

Vibrators are great for everyone, whether you’re just learning what feels good for your body or you’re an old pro at self-pleasure. Many come with various levels of intensity, which allows you to use them at the pace that best suits your preferences. With so many different models out there, there’s bound to be one to suit your needs. Not looking for penetration? Searching for a clitoral stimulator? A prostate massager? What about something for under $10? There’s a vibrator for that.

At this point, you might be wondering: Can Amazon ship vibrators? The answer is, of course, yes! Though some people might find sex toys scandalous, there’s absolutely nothing illegal, wrong, or shameful about investing in your sexual pleasure in ways that make sense to you. Read on for Teen Vogue’s picks for the best vibrators on Amazon, whether you’re in the market for a bullet vibe, a budget option, or one that’s shaped like a tube of lipstick.


1. Sexrabbit Clitoral Sucking Vibrator

There’s a reason this hot pink silicone vibrator is a top seller in Amazon’s Vibrators category. Composed of a sucking and pulsing clitoral stimulator on one side and a G spot stimulator on the other, it offers 10 suction and vibration patterns of varying speeds and intensities. Amazon customers point out that the vibe’s settings allow for both gentle and powerful stimulation, and that its USB rechargeable battery is impressively long-lasting.

2. Paloqueth G Spot Rabbit Vibrator

Yet another bestseller, this time in Amazon’s Rabbit Vibrators category, this dual stimulating vibrator features an angled dildo to hit the G spot and a pair of bunny ears positioned to stimulate the clitoris. Over 2,700 five-star reviews praise its soft, flexible design and versatile settings. “It has more than enough vibration patterns for me and I believe every woman can find what works for them,” wrote one Amazon customer, “and it’s also super easy to switch between them.”

3. Paloqueth Prostate Massager

This anal stimulator is one of Amazon’s top-selling options specifically designed for users with penises. It boasts dual motors at its base and tip for increased pleasure, 10 massage modes, and a waterproof silicone design. Customers rave about its comfortability and stimulation capacity. Plus, not only is it USB rechargeable but features a wireless remote control — that’s some seriously hi-tech pleasure.

4. Secret Lover Bullet Vibrator with Angled Tip

This bullet vibe from Secret Lover is a mere 3.4 inches in length, but it packs a punch. It offers three speeds and seven pulsing patterns, which means there are tons of combinations to try. Its angled edge makes it ideal for stimulating small, sensitive areas like the clitoris and nipples, and it’s assembled with watertight seals that make it safe to use in the bath or shower.

5. Umania G Spot Bullet Vibrator

Like the one from Secret Lover, this mini bullet vibrator is only three inches long, but it still features 10 unique modes of vibration, all of which are controlled with a single button. Its black silicone design is super sleek, and a 90-day money-back guarantee and yearlong warranty ensure it’s a risk-free purchase. At just $10, did we mention it’s also Amazon’s top-selling bullet vibrator?

6. Secret Lover Mini Lipstick Vibrator

Many sex toy brands have tried, unsuccessfully, to make their product’s designs discreet. Secret Lover got it right; this bullet vibrator from the brand looks like an actual tube of lipstick. But its quirky design doesn’t sacrifice quality. The vibrator comes with 10 pulsation mode options, is USB rechargeable, and, according to reviewers, is super easy to clean. At just 4-by-1 inches, it will easily fit into your makeup travel bag.

7. Adorime Sucking & Licking Clitoris Vibrator

This clitoris vibrator is multipurpose. One end features a vacuum of airflow that produces a sucking feeling, while the other mimics the sensation of licking thanks to a cluster of small ridges that move up and down like a tongue during oral sex. With seven modes of intensity and a silicone surface that’s soft to the touch, there’s truly nothing quite like it on the market.

8. Paloqueth Quiet Dual Mode Vibrator

This vibrator charges its battery using a magnetic port, which eliminates the issue of a pesky USB jack that you’d need to worry about cleaning. The larger side is designed for clitoral stimulation, and the small, angled tail features a bump to increase stimulation when inserted into the vagina. Its wireless remote controller can select any of its 9 vibrational settings from a full 10 feet away.

9. Adorime High-Frequency Clitoris Vibrator

As much as it looks like one, we promise this is not an electric toothbrush. The Adorime clit stimulator comes with two replaceable silicone heads for different forms of precise stimulation, along with an impressive 10 vibration modes. USB chargeable and made from skin-safe silicone, it can also be used inside the vagina or on the nipples if you’re seeking new sensations.

10. Amante Wand Massager

This vibrator may market itself as a “personal body massager,” but reviews from Amazon customers beg to differ. “My lady loves this and we have a great time using it,” wrote one user. “Many modes to keep it interesting based on her intensity desires.” Its 10 vibration patterns and included USB charger are standard for more expensive vibrators, but this one clocks in at only $7.

11. Shequ G-spot Bullet Vibrator

The silicone loop on this vaginal insertion-safe vibrator allows for easy adjustment and pullout (remember, don’t put anything in your butt that doesn’t have a flared base!). Waterproof and USB rechargeable, its five vibration modes range from weak to strong, making it an ideal option for both beginners and sex toy veterans. No matter your experience level or intensity preferences, this vibe’s $25 price tag is something every user can agree on.

12. CalExotics Teardrop Vibrator

At only $6, you can’t go wrong giving this CalExotics Teardrop Vibrator a try. All you need to give it a whirl is two AAA batteries. Reviewers say it’s got incredibly powerful vibrations — in a good way. “This small little guy is about two inches long, and it has a dial to control the intensity of the vibrations,” explained one Amazon customer, who recommends beginning with low speeds and eventually working your way up for a “fast, overwhelming orgasm.”

13. Luxeluv G Spot Vibrator

This matte purple vibrator is more than the IRL embodiment of the eggplant Emoji. It’s also the number-one seller in Amazon’s Couple Vibrators category, thanks to its fully bendable, waterproof shaft, nine vibration patterns, USB charging system, and complimentary storage container. One reviewer noted that this vibrator’s simple, easy-to-use design makes it less intimidating for couples who are new to the world of sex toys.

14. Adorime G Spot Rabbit Vibrator

The multifunctional shape of this Adorime vibrator has endless possibilities for two-person use. For starters, the ring can be attached to a penis or used to stimulate the clitoris and nipples, while the shaft can be inserted into the vagina or anus. Of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Its three vibration points and seven modes will help you get as creative as you’d like.

15. Bomb’Ex Bullet Vibrator

Don’t let this bullet vibrator’s Ring Pop-like shape deter you from trying it out. The ring in question allows you or your partner to maintain a secure grip as you use the Bomb’Ex vibrator. Beyond that, it offers a whopping 12 vibrational patterns that are sure to please both of you. With USB charging capabilities and a 90-day return policy, it would make an exciting, affordable gift for your significant other, or even for yourself (we don’t judge!).

16. LOVENSE Lush Bullet Vibrator

This high-tech, Bluetooth vibrator is controlled by an app, and can be used from any distance. It can also sync to music or paired with another LOVENSE lush vibrator. As one reviewer shares, it might work too well: “I let my significant other control it (he’s in Texas, I’m in Virginia). The No. 1 rule was I couldn’t tell anyone I was wearing it. No. 2 was that I had to wear it whenever he told me to. The battery life is too long️ I needed a break. Due to his petty nature and strong battery, I was messing up math equations when I got called on in class. Dropping pens, kicking stuff, and having outbursts in the back of the class.”

17. Vibrating Panty with Wireless Remote Control

This panty vibrator will be your little secret: it’s invisible and silent. It’s controlled via a wireless remote that can be used up to 15 feet away.

18. Adorime Realistic Double-Ended Vibrating G-Spot Dildo Vibrator

Double the fun with this dual-ended vibrator. It’s a bendy beauty that is another one of the best vibrators on Amazon. It can be used with two partners, or simultaneously on an individual. It features 7 vibration patterns, is USB rechargeable, waterproof, and controllable via remote. What more could you want?

19. Powerful Handheld Wand Massager

The head of this vibrator is made of body-safe silicone and it’s actually removable, which makes for easy cleaning. It has 10 vibration patterns, a quiet motor, and more than 2,500 positive reviews on Amazon. It’s available in bubblegum pink or sleek black.

20. Satisfyer Pro 2 Air-Pulse Clitoris Stimulator

While this isn’t technically a vibrator, this is one of the best sex toys on Amazon and we’d be remiss not to include it. Its pressure-wave technology simulates feelings of suction and pulsing, and the result is a very realistic oral sex experience. This glowing review says it all: “Um, wow. It takes a little getting used to and you have to experiment a little with positioning, but w-o-w. Don’t plan on doing anything else the day you get this because you won’t want to put it down. Add a drop of lube and it’s even better.”

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