Sumitomo HTR Z III – Top Reviewed

If you need new tires that hold up very well in the summertime, have above average tread durability, and great overall water control, the SUMITOMO HTR Z III is a great option to consider. Despite its high-quality, this radial tire also comes at a very reasonable price.

What Makes the SUMITOMO HTRZ III So Awesome

This is a high-performing radial tire that holds up very well in the summer months. Since this is a durable tire that comes in many different sizes, there are already lots of reasons that this is a great choice. However, here are a few more reasons that this tire is so awesome.

  • Asymmetrical Tread –Having an asymmetrical tread design helps you stay in a straight line, and improve the overall performance of the car. The tread grip holds up well in both dry and wet road conditions.
  • Excellent Water Control – This tire contains four grooves in the tread, making it very efficient at handling water. When you are driving on wet roads, these grooves provide a channel for the water to both enter and exit out from underneath. These tires have minimal hydroplaning risk.
  • Tire Life Warranty – The manufacturer covers this tire from defects for the entire life of the product. If you get a flat tire on the road due to a defect in the tire, simply take it into the shop and have it replaced for free.

sumitomo htr z iii tire review


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There are several features that stand out when we look at this model and compare it with some of the other popular options on the market.

If you are still on the fence deciding whether or not this is the best tire for your car, here is a better look at some of the most noteworthy features.

sumitomo htr z iii featuresMax-Performance Summer Tire: This tire is designed to work at maximum performance during the summer months. This means that is most durable when it is being used in temperate above 45 ° F.

Keep in mind that using this tire in lower temperatures can impact the life of the tire, though.

High-Traction: This tire has an asymmetrical tread with four different grooves. This allows the tire to uphold a high standard of traction. In addition, these features help your car’s overall performance. Whether the ground is wet or dry, this tire retains a high level of traction.

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