5 Best Keyboard Covers For MacBook Pro Touch

Should I get the Best Keyboard Covers For MacBook Pro in 2021 or not is one of the most common questions that many people have. Because they are confused if it is really necessary to have one or not. Well in one word the answer to the Should I get a keyboard cover for the MacBook Pro question is yes.
in this post, we gonna share with you 5 the best Keyboard Covers For MacBook Pro Touch Bar & Retina

1. Moshi ClearGuard For 2020 New MacBook Pro

moshi keyboard cover for macbookCompatibility: Designed for the MacBook Pro 15″ & 13″ (2016-2019) US layout. Not compatible with other MacBook models.Ultra-thin: Measures 0.1 mm thin (one-fifth the thickness of silicone protectors). High transparency film allows backlit keys to clearly shine through

Perfect Fit: High precision molding is 100% form-fitted to the Apple Keyboard keys allowing for an unparalleled tactile response.Premium Material: Made with durable, non-toxic engineering-grade thermoplastic urethane.10-Year Global Warranty: All Moshi products are eligible for our 10-Year Global Warranty program.

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2. JRC Premium MacBook Shortcut MAC OS Keyboard Cover

jrc macbook pro cover

Up next we have this MacBook pro keyboard cover from JRC. This one is also one of the best selling keyboard covers that you can try out.

The best thing about this keyboard is that it has a cool look with shortcuts printed above the cover. The keyboard cover is a perfect solution for the MacBook Pro 13/15 inch with Touch Bar.

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3. UPPERCASE GhostCover Keyboard Protector for MacBook Pro

uppercase ghostcover

The UPPERCASE GhostCover is also one of the best keyboard covers for MacBook Pro touch bar. The keyboard cover is available in the touch bar, and function keys option and both of them cost the same.

Talking about this MacBook pro keyboard protector, well this one comes with 0.12mm of thickness which helps in minimizing the typing interference. Also, the keyboard cover is made of premium engineering grade TPU material.

In addition to that, the keyboard offers a high transparency that helps you to see the keys clearly. Plus it allows the keyboard backlit to shine through. Also yes it is washable.

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4. Y Pro Tools Keyboard Cover for MacBook

ypro keyboard cover for macbook pro

Y Pro is one of the best keyboard covers for MacBook Pro. It fits the MacBook keyboard perfectly as well as it is highly durable.

The best part of the keyboard is that it looks extremely cool. Thanks to its attractive keyboard layout design. The keyboard has a completely new design and comes with over 80 keyboard shortcuts.

Also, the keyboard is highly soft and ultra thin so you can type easily. Plus it is washable. Overall, it is one of the most expensive keyboard covers for MacBook Pro that you can think of purchasing.

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4. DHZ D6 Keyboard Cover

dhz macbook pro keyboard cover

If you are in search of colorful keyboard covers for your MacBook Pro. Then you seriously need to consider getting one of the DHZ D6 Keyboard Cover. DHZ D6 Keyboard Cover is available in a bunch of colors, and it is one of the durable covers that you can try out.

Talking about the DHZ D6 Keyboard Cover, Well it is a Silicone Skin for the All Latest MacBook Pro 13, 15, 17 models. Moreover, the keyboard cover is waterproof and dustproof also you can wash it. The keyboard is an extra slim silicone skin which does not bother you much while typing.

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5. KB Covers Logic Pro Keyboard Cover 

best keyboard cover for macbook pro touch bar

At the next on our list, we have another expensive keyboard cover from the KB Covers. What we liked most about this keyboard cover is that the keyboard covers are color-coded. As a result, you can easily use modifiers like Shift/Command/Option.

Also, this MacBook keyboard is highly durable, and the colors on the keyboard are made for long-lasting usage. Plus it safeguards your MacBook keyboard from dirt and spills.

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