Best 3 Headlight Protection Films reviews

We know that not all headlight protection films are created equal, and some are better than others. So here, we have created a list of the top 3 headlight protection films you can find on the market and ranked them by their benefits.

in this post, we gonna share with you 3 top headlight protection in the market.

1.VViViD 3M Scotchgard Clear Protection Vinyl Film (Best Overall)

VViViD 3M Scotchgard Clear Protection Vinyl Film (Best Overall)

This kind of safety vinyl is satisfactory of the best. The crème de la crème, if you will. For simply $20, you can make certain your car’s headlights are saved protected from rocks, scratches, and any different particles that may want to reason them harm.

All you have to do to practice it is get rid of the backing and adhere it to the headlights. Despite being impenetrable, the safety movie is stretchy and can be adjusted to match on just about any headlight no count the structure or size.

It’s lengthy lasting so you can relax certain your car’s headlights will be included for years to come. Having this movie on your headlights additionally skill you’ll be spending much less time sprucing them and extra time at the back of the wheel.

2. Meguiar’s Clear Headlight Coating (Best Value)

Meguiar's Clear Headlight Coating (Best Value)

In order to observe the coating, smooth your headlights and rid them of any dust, filth and particles so you have a easy floor to work with. Next, you are going to practice the coating in the shade, making positive the headlights are cool. You may additionally additionally favor to tape round the headlight to make certain the coating doesn’t get somewhere else.

If you do occur to by chance get some of the coating on every other section of your car, you can without problems smooth it off with rubbing alcohol.

Apply the first coat and let it sit down for a little earlier than making use of the subsequent one. It have to solely take about 5 minutes for the coating to settle, and about a day for it to treatment completely.


  • Spray on
  • Cost-effective
  • Long-lasting


  • Doesn’t protect from scratches

3. 3M Scotchgard Clear Protection Film (Best Premium)

3M Scotchgard Clear Protection Film (Best Premium)

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This clear film also sticks on to your headlights like the first one we reviewed. Like the first vinyl tape, this film is easy to apply on your headlights. It is made out of clear polyurethane film and is 8mil thick with adhesive backing.

The vinyl will keep your car’s headlights looking shiny and brand new while also protecting them from falling debris. The vinyl can also be used on other parts of your car, like on the body itself, as a way to protect that paint from chipping or scratching.


  • Keeps your headlights free of scratches
  • Easy to install


  • Pricier than most of the other ones we have reviewed

Headlight Protection Film Benefits

There are many benefits to having headlight protection film on your headlights. Aside from the fact that it can protect them from scratches and other debris hitting it, it is a cost-effective and easy way to keep your car safe.

It can be incredibly easy to hit your headlights on things like mailboxes and trashcans, thus causing cracks in your headlights. Instead of having to fix them, you can keep them protected with a film.

Even better, they are easy to maintain. Once you’ve finished using the first one, you can always replace it.

Headlight protection film makes your car look brand new, even if it isn’t.

What to Look for When Buying Headlight Protection Film

There are many things to consider when buying headlight protection film. The style of car you have is one thing to think about. If you have a particular shape of headlights and are having a hard time finding a protective film for it, you may want to consider a spray instead.

Keep in mind that your headlights should not have any scratches or blemishes on them already before you apply the vinyl or the coating. The blemishes will make it harder for the vinyl to stick.


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